Hi, I'm Gerald Manduca, Photographer and Graphic Designer at Photo & Design Studio. Photography has been a part of my life for the past 25 years. It all started when I got the opportunity to work alongside one of Malta's top photographers Tony S. Mangion. 

1993 - Back then the digital age probably wasn't even dreamt of. If you wanted to be a photographer, it meant learning the ropes the proper way. We used Hassleblad medium format cameras with fully manual metering and focusing. I'm so grateful that I was able to learn this way. There was no option to view the result of what you were shooting, so you really had to know what you were doing. I worked with Tony for 15 years out of his studio in San Gwann, where I was also in charge of the day to day running of the studio. Retouching photos was also done manually, with airbrushing and paint brushes. No photoshop. Hard to believe I know, but that's how it was. 

Then the digital age started and things changed. New techniques had to be learnt, new software had to be mastered and lots more. 

2007 - Fast forward a few years and I took the plunge to go freelance. I focused mainly on commercial and product photography. Graphic Design also became a big part of the Studio's work load. Combining this with the photographic services offered, was a great way of giving my clients a better service. 

2018 -This year marks the 11th anniversary since I set up Photo and Design Studio and my passion for the profession is still as strong as it was back when I started out in 1993. I hope to be able to continue working in this field for many years to come. Different assignments locally and overseas always keep the work interesting.

2018 - is also the year of big changes. My family and I have moved to the UK to set up shop once again. I'm now based in Oxfordshire and look forward to forging great relationships with new clients as well as continuing my relationship with existing ones. 

When I'm not busy on some assignment, I love to travel with my wife and kids, I enjoy meeting up with friends over a nice bottle of wine and I like motorbikes. I find, the odd thing about photography, when you're really passionate about it, is that when you're actually working, it doesn't feel like work, which is pretty cool :)

Come back and check the site regularly as I'll be updating it with new images from recent shoots.​

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